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Running Wild (Sara Jane Stone)

Running Wild: A Second Shot Novella - Sara Jane Stone


One more night. Don't waste it

I saw a post at one of the blog tours for Serving Trouble and a link to this FREE prequel novella, and I immediately clicked "Buy" at Amazon without even looking at the blurb. Well, apparently this prequel was really, a PREQUEL. For the hero and heroine in Serving Trouble. Apparently the blurb for Serving Trouble said "The man who rocked her world one wild night and then walked right out of it" --- and this short prequel was that ONE NIGHT.

Meaning that it really didn't have enough depth, except for the fact that Noah desired his best friend's younger sister, Josie. They had one night but then he had to leave for Marine basic training. And it ended that way. Which meant that I have to read the full-length novel to find out about their HEA...

Will I? We'll see. The answer now is maybe.