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Fields of Blood (Sonya Bateman)

Fields of Blood (The DeathSpeaker Codex Book 2) - Sonya Bateman

After killing what he knew as all of Milus Dei members -- a dangerous cult whose sole purpose is to eradicate the Others -- Gideon was adjusting his new life with his half-brother Taeral, his crazy father Daoin, Sadie the werewolf, and other survivors (from book #1). But then freshly murdered corpses appear and they had Milus Dei tattoos on them, which indicates that there are more Milus Dei members exist. Not long after finding out about it, Sadie gets news that her younger sister has been kidnapped, she insists to go back to her family and save her. So Gideon and Taeral go along with her...


Man, this was EXCITING! I was pleasantly surprised when I received a newsletter mail that said book #2 was already out, considering book #1, Wrong Side of Hell, was released only in January. Hey, quick release time between the two, I'm so NOT complaining! I was happy being back with Gideon and the gang.

The book just went so fast -- and I felt like I didn't have time to catch my breath. From the start where Gideon went to that new corpse until the very end. At first, I was a little miffed whenever Gideon passed out or lost consciousness (duly noted, most of the times, he was shot, rammed by cattle prod, or tortured) ... but then he was awesome when he finally able to get hold of his power. Hell yeah, Gideon kicked ass!!

In addition to the search rescue party, there was a very huge twist regarding Reun, the Seelie noble who worked with Milus Dei in the previous book, which I totally didn't see coming. It was an interesting progress and I would love to see how that worked out.

So yep, I enjoyed the hell out of this ... and I even feel okay with the lack of romance in it. Sadie, as the only major female character, still has complicated relationship with Taeral. So I don't want to see that becoming love triangle or something. I can't wait for the next book -- and I hope that it is being released as quickly as this one did *grin*