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Wolf Trouble (Paige Tyler)

Wolf Trouble - Paige Tyler

I immediately start reading Wolf Trouble after I finished Hungry Like the Wolf because the blurb promised something intriguing ... a female werewolf. Yup, considering that the rest of the SWAT team are Alpha males, I jumped for the chance to read about a female SWAT member. And I wasn't disappointed! In fact, I genuinely thought that Wolf Trouble was slightly better than the first book.

First, the relationship ... it progressed naturally. Xander was the Khaki's team leader and the fact that Khaki is the only female in a team full choc of testosterone made up for wonderful dynamic between the two. Especially since Khaki was also 'new' in being a werewolf, so there were things she didn't understand yet, like shifting or how to use her eyes in the dark. So she asked Xander for help, all the while both were trying to fight of their attraction because of their roles in the Pack. It was delicious :)

I felt that Wolf Trouble focused more on Khaki's immersion into the Pack, what she must learned, how she went with training, and how she performed on the field, so the issues that Xander and Khaki's were facing were more 'internal'. Unlike in the first book where there was outside threat after one of the bad guy's son was killed. Sure, we had a similar threat from Khaki's ex-boyfriend later on, but still, I liked that the book was more about the couple and the pack this time. Not that I didn't like them in action, of course, but it was nice to have a different set of pace right after finishing book #1, you know?

I also thought that Tyler injected more information about the werewolf mythology. I still had questions about the origin of the werewolf DNA but it wasn't really a big deal now because I liked the other aspects.