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Playing With Fire (Avery Cockburn)

Playing With Fire - Avery Cockburn

2.5 stars

I have pondered about this for the past 2 days during the weekend. I had troubles saying that this was a favorite of mine, but there were times when I liked Liam and Robert enough. So I was wondering about whether I should rounded it up or down. After much thinking, I decided that the rounded down rating was the best way. Because I couldn't exactly praise this. I had more issues with the boys than excitement. Which is too bad considering that I love friends-to-lovers theme so much.

The trouble for me already started in the beginning. For me, the best thing about friends to lovers theme is when they get to the end, realize that they're in love and move their friendship to the next level. That all the emotional turmoil in between is worth while. So I was surprised when Robert and Liam actually acted on Robert's attraction quite early in the book. It threw me off balance. Especially then it felt like it was followed with sex-capades and I was quickly bored and annoyed. The sex felt formulaic and didn't add anything substansial to the story, except for some sexy times.

Then we had the angst ... because Liam didn't trust bisexuals (he had bad experience with his last boyfriend who 'returned' to his wife) and so he just didn't want to fully commit to Robert, who wanted to shout their relationship to the world. Can I say that Liam is bi-phobic then? I am starting to feel sorry for bisexuals around the world. What a fight for you guys and gals to deal with, because the other party will think you will go back to the "enemy" of the other gender. I thought I didn't like Liam by then but strangely I couldn't find myself being sympathetic with Robert either. Something was off with these boys to me, and I just couldn't find myself fully rooting for them.

I guess I thought the drama felt rather juvenile, like high-school drama that I clearly don't care about (there's a HUGE reason why I avoid young adult genre). Or maybe because it dragged ON AND ON AND ON for more than 300 pages. I was tired when I finished it, and I admit I skimmed this book a LOT. It wasn't a good sign that in a book about Liam/Robert, I actually had more fun reading about my favorite couple Fergus and John (they were getting married!!) or even the newcomer, Ben. I hope his next book with Evan is so much better than book #2 and #3.

So there ... my full opinion.

On a different note, I wish I can read a romance in which long distance relationship is not such a devilish of a choice, you know? I can see that it sucks, sure. And I am not an expert in relationship so what do I know? But I also want to read about a couple who trust each other enough and able to make it work. Just a personal thought *shrugs*.