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Until We Meet Once More (Josh Lanyon)

Until We Meet Once More - Josh Lanyon

3.5 stars

I read this for the first time back in 2009 (as part of an anthology). Yes, around six yeas ago. But I didn't review it, and for sure I couldn't remember what the story was all about (I had BAD memory, okay *lol*). When I saw that this re-released issue offered FREE on Amazon (for limited time), I decided to grab it. Then I re-read it today, on my train commute. It was very short, so it didn't take long for me to finish.

I couldn't remember what I thought that first time, but now (thousands of MM-books later) my reaction was this ... "Damn it, I wish it was longer!" Lanyon might be one of the best authors writing about reunited lovers (which of course, my favorite trope, EVER!). This is another example. It might be short, but it's pretty effective.

In present time, Vic "Stoney" Black finds out that his ex-lover (whom he hasn't seen/talked to for the last 11 years), Sean Kennedy, is missing and presumed injured. Vic has the mission to retrieve Sean to safety. Readers are also given a glimpse of what went wrong between the two men in few flashback scenes.

The jabs and punches to my heart were delivered in quick-short pace, but again, it wasn't enough. I needed more with Vic and Sean, at least that final scene should be added several more pages *sigh*