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Save of the Game (Avon Gale)

Save of the Game - Avon Gale

I definitely enjoyed the second installment of Gale's hockey series much better than the first one due to one specific reason.

Despite both MCs are practically bisexuals as well as gay virgins, but the idea of open relationship is toned down. Neither Riley or Ethan brought the idea of threesome or doing it with others as frequently as it was with Lane and Jared. Sure, Jennifer Lawrence's name is thrown into the mix, but I'm good with it. She's a celebrity -- not exactly one of the people in their life. So in that sense, I thought Riley and Ethan were more dedicated to each other, and I approved :)

I also loved Ethan's family -- they were fantastic. I loved the hockey teams. I even enjoyed the sex with the biting and a bit of D/s tone. This is an enjoyable, light, and angst free story. Plus the Sea Storm finally won the Kelly Cup! Loved that part so frickin' much.

Last thing, I needed to say this though...

Personal Note
I noticed several comments that disliked the M/F short sex scene on page. Well, since the MCs are bisexuals, I didn't really see anything wrong with it. Bisexual exists and that can mean sex with either gender. I can moan about it, I can feel uncomfortable about it. But I also don't want M/M authors to start writing only what they think majority of M/M readers like. I think authors should write anything that they feel suit the characters. Even if that means 'against' what the majority of M/M readers like in their romance.

Just my two cents. No hard feelings, kay? :)