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Vendetta (Gail Z. Martin)

Vendetta - Gail Z. Martin

Again, I am a little baffled with the blurb (or even the cover). No offense to Sorren, the whole threats to Charleston's own ghosts and people are indeed a vendetta against the vampire, but the story itself is written from Cassidy's POV (first person); she, Teag, and other characters have quite visibility in the story compared to Sorren. So why?!?

Anyway, I highly enjoyed this -- I thought the part with the ghosts were very well written. I could actually felt the chill whenever Cassidy and the gang tried to check out what happened with the ghosts. This book also had one of the most heartbreaking casualties ever in an urban fantasy series (imagine all those old people in the retirement house, burned to death *oh gosh, sniff*)

It did felt a bit repetitive with the Nephilims keep coming back (because they couldn't really be banished until the nephilmancer is killed) but all in all it provided great fights. That final confrontation was awesome! I loved how Cassidy's power seemed to improve greatly too. In the first book, I thought it was a little too 'passive', but not here!!

I hope book #3 is coming. I know that Martin writes many Deadly Curiosities short stories, but I prefer the full length novels.