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Stars Above (Marissa Meyer)

Stars Above: A Lunar Chronicles Collection (The Lunar Chronicles) - Marissa Meyer

The Keeper: 3 stars
It's nice to read about Michele as practically the first keeper of the Luna Princess. I wish there were more of her and Logan, but I guess that wasn't meant to be. The best scene for me though was when I found out how Cinder got her name.

Glitches: 3 stars
My review : Here

Queen's Army: 4 stars
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Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky: 3 stars
Man, Thorne was already an adorable rascal when he was 13 years old!! Thinking of how he made his neighbors bought their own fruits *shakes head* It was too bad that the story ended before I knew whether Thorne was able to 'work his charm' over the course of him being grounded.

After Sunshine Passes By: 3 stars
Damn this was kind of sad ... imagining Cress being alone like that at the very early age :(

The Princess and the Guard: 4 stars
Prequel to Winter and I thought it was one of the strongest tales in here. I admired Winter and her resolution of not using her gift of manipulation. Even if it ended up making her crazy. She had that inner strength that was so admirable. And of course, Jacin, the ever loyal Jacin who loved the Princess for who she was *sigh*

The Little Android: 2.5 stars
This one, I didn't really care about. Maybe because it didn't feature any of the characters in the series, so the whole story was a meh to me. Even if this was a complete one compared to the others.

The Mechanic: 3 stars
It was nice to see that first meeting from Kai's perspective

Something Old, Something New: 5 stars!!!
My Lord!! When I saw the word "wedding of the century" I thought it would be Cinder and Kai's. But it was NOT! It was Scarlet and Wolf!! My favorite Alpha couple in this series!! They married first!! SQUEE! And the gang was all there too, giving one of the BEST impromptu weddings ever -- I loved how the girls 'tricked' Scarlet into trying the dress, the shoes, and let Iko did her hair. And oh the something old ... and the something blue (Winter!!!) and of course THE SPEECH THAT KAI MADE!! I actually had my eyes all teary *sniff*. Then the actual proposal from Kai. GAH. So good. SO BLOODY PERFECT!!!

I'll round up the rating for that epilogue alone...