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One Good Dragon Deserves Another (Rachel Aaron)

One Good Dragon Deserves Another - Rachel Aaron

3.5 stars

It was good -- Aaron definitely threw multiple twists throughout, especially related to Estella's and Bob's plans, both being seers that they are. Julius shows that being "The Nice Dragon" is actually strength rather than weakness, and I loved him for it. The way he stands up for his friends and the choices he takes, Julius sure keeps things interested.

Unfortunately, it also feels 'busy', with Estella's revenge, the Lady of the Lake's showing her teeth against the dragons, the revelation 'behind' Marci's Ghost -- plus the multiple point of views (although not that plenty) sometimes takes away the story from Julius and Marci. Sure, I liked the other dragons (Bob, Chelsie, Amelia -- Justin drove me nuts!) but I didn't want them to steal the spotlight too.

The epilogue was intriguing ... I am definitely in for the next book.