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Conversation Hearts (Avon Gale)

Conversation Hearts - Avon Gale

One of the things I love so much about fan fictions is that the situations where the story happens could be very absurd, but it still works... for example, de-aging trope. Okay, so why do I bring up that? Because that's what I feel about this one.

Imagine a PhD grad student, who teaches English, who writes dissertation on 'avian imagery in Flannery O'Connor novels and how it relates to Catholicism', who also works as a male escort, who ... well, finds himself held hostage when an assassin walks into the hotel room where he is supposed to wait for a client.

Yep. Isn't that absolutely fantastic?

And what follow are conversations, and raiding the mini-bar, and discussing thing like "ironic vs. coincidence", or what hydraulic engineering is all about. I was deliriously happy reading this; it made me smile a lot and I was thoroughly entertained.

Maybe it is not a traditional romance. Heck, I'm not counting this as a romance (though you still have some sexy times) but more like the beginning of one. I mean, the beauty of this short was that it can end (or happen) in anyway you want it. Because the ending is ambiguous; you can make your own ending on what will happen between Levi and Sinjin.

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