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Hometown Heartbreaker (Maisey Yates)

Hometown Heartbreaker - Maisey Yates

3.5 stars

I'm pretty happy that Yates continues her Copper Ridge series; this one is pretty much a 'prequel' for the next set of trilogy (The West). Ace, the owner of the bar where Casey works will be the main hero for the next book.

Anyway, I really liked this. Sure, Casey is very, VERY prickly as a heroine. She gets defensive often by going offensive on Aiden. But somehow it didn't annoy me. I can deal with prickly or grumpy characters (domineering arrogant asshats are the ones I can't stand). Besides, it was a nice change from usual grumpy brooding heroes. I liked that Casey is the drifter, the one without roots; while Aiden is the one staying. I liked their snappy conversations (not sure if I can say banter *lol*).

What I wasn't sure though, was their last arguments, the ones before the grand gesture (the grand gesture made me chuckling though). It just felt off. Also everything happened in a week! I know that it's novella and it might happen in real life -- I am just not a fan of quick romance, that's all.