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The Brimstone Deception (Lisa Shearin)

The Brimstone Deception - Lisa Shearin

3.5 stars

The Brimstone Deception started only a few days after the event from The Dragon Conspiracy. This time Makenna Fraser, his partner Ian Byrne, and the rest of SPI agents are facing another threat-to-the-world when dead supernatural citizens of New York City are found with their hearts ripped out. Duly noted that those citizens were crime lords (and ladies) but the smell of brimstone on the crime scenes might meant one thing ... that demon is involved

Well, for the most part, I enjoyed this book. I like Makenna and the rest of the New Supernatural Protection & Investigations agents, like for example Martin DiMatteo, "Director of Demonology", who this time had more page time due to his expertise. I was amused with the progress of Mac's relationship with Rake Danescu, a goblin dark mage, who is mysterious and charming. I am not one of the Mac/Ian shippers anyway. I thought Ian is a good partner and might have a protective attitude of a big brother, but I didn't get the romantic vibe between the two of them.

The last several chapters where Mac, Ian, Rake, Martin, and Fred Ash (one of NYPD detectives who knows about supernatural beings, being an elf/human hybrid himself) must go and face the villain while stopping Hell breaks loose is fast-paced, action heavy, and page-turning. There is one "Holy Sh*t" moment, which you could see clearly from my status. So yes, I loved that!

Having said that, I remember a friend of mine who disliked book #2 because of the info-dump. It didn't really bother me in that book, and it wasn't in the beginning of this one as well. Being a reader who have a bad memory, sometimes I need "reminders" about what has happened in the previous book.

However, I thought that the info-dump here were starting to repetitive after several chapters. For example the part with Mac being a Southern girl, the information was laying it too thick. Or the event with Dragon Eggs from book #2. Or other things about our characters. It was dragging the pace of the book down. Besides, this is book #3 ... I assume that readers who read this one have been around since the beginning so it was a bit frustrating.

Other than that, since only few days have passed since "The Dragon Conspiracy", I didn't feel like a lot of character growth have developed too.

I'm still going to read the next book of course, but hopefully the repetitiveness feel will not be too prominent.