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Convincing Secretary (Ava March)

Convincing the Secretary (London Legal) - Ava March
3.5 stars

At first, I was a bit confused because what I could remember (a little bit) about Edward in the previous book didn't match Edward that I met in this one. Somehow I thought Edward was a little more forward -- in the end of my review for Convincing Leopold, I wrote "I definitely look forward to the upcoming release in this series that features Fenton, Arthur's rake of a secretary." -- so clearly I didn't see Edward as meek or shy. Even if my memory was clouded with how jealous Leopold saw Edward.

Then I decided to throw all of my initial perceptions (and expectation) to the wind... and it became much better. Yes, the relationship happened pretty fast, and there was that trope of misunderstanding which drove our men shortly apart... BUT, I wasn't too annoyed. I was even able to enjoy the numerous sex scenes with the D/s tone because hey, when I was in the mood for it, D/s could be my kink (as long as both parties enjoy it and there isn't too much pain/humiliation to it).

So yeah, it is likable, the kind of steamy stories coming from Ava March.

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