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Dreamwalker (Allyson James)

Dreamwalker - Allyson James,  Jennifer Ashley

4.25 stars

The last Stormwalker book was released in 2012, and this one's release date has actually been pushed back a couple of times (the original timeline was 2014 if I wasn't mistaken). Having said that -- and even if I had little to remember about the details of previous books -- I truly had no problem jumping back into the world of Janet Begay, Mick, and their bands of family and friends. As always, we had villain that threaten Janet, the hotel being broke down (again!), quick fast-pace story-line doused with actions, and absolutely terrific battle in the end.

Because I loved this series so much, I bought it even without reading the blurb (or apparently, paid attention to the title, Dreamwalker). In result, I was slightly a bit annoyed with the dream sequences that Janet was having in this book. I felt like it took Janet away from the action in real life, plus it went back to her past life, and I thought ... we've been through this!!

However, when I finally realized the game plan, what those dreams meant for Janet as arsenal to fight the Ununculous, Emmett Smith, I thought it was pretty brilliant. I actually grasped all the things that the dreams were teaching Janet. Plus I was gasping in delight when I realized who pushed Janet into all those dreams. It was surprising but very, very good.

It's all I can say about this ... I was loving it (as always). It kicked ass (as always). I loved the secondary characters too (as always). Plus the relationship progress between Janet and his step-sister Gabrielle was able to made my eyes a bit teary (bonus point). I know that the hotel will be rebuild (again); I just hope it survives another battle ... plus I think Janet will want her wedding there?

Hopefully the next book will not take another 4 years >.<