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Hometown Hero (Cate Cameron)

Hometown Hero: A Sullivan Lake Romance (A Lake Sullivan Romance) - Cate Cameron
2.5 stars

While I liked the idea of Zara as a female MMA fighter (we don’t have a lot of that, do we?) but somehow the fact that she was pretty much on the side line, due to her head injury and then coming back to Lake Sullivan to work on the community center with her brother just made her … well, ordinary (for lack of the better word). It didn’t say in the blurb that there wasn’t going to be any action on Zara’s part. I thought that she being a Mixed Martial Arts champion promised some good fights, her kicking ass of her opponents, with the love interest cheering for her and everything. But it didn’t … and I was quite disappointed at that. Somehow it didn’t meet my expectations.

As for Cal … I realized reading this book that I had developed a dislike towards characters coming from privileged families, especially if the family members were looking down on the ‘lesser’ family. So yeah, I was annoyed with Cal’s father and brother … although at least Cal was able to stand up for what he believed in, and I applauded him for that. However, I didn’t like Cal much in the end, something related to his reaction to Zara’s injury.

So, the ending was predictable and didn’t satisfy me much.

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