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Wickedly Powerful (Deborah Blake)

Wickedly Powerful: A Baba Yaga Novel - Deborah Blake
Wickedly Powerful is the last book in the Baba Yaga sisters trilogy, this time featuring Bella Young, the Baba Yaga of the middle United States. Wyoming’s Black Hills has been experiencing forest fires and there is wrongness about them. Bella has been called upon by the community to find out what causes the magical fires and to stop them. In addition, Bella discovers a call for help from the missing Riders and she has been tasked by the Queen of the Underworld to investigate where the Riders are gone…

I have to say that this book didn’t entertain me as much as the previous two. I think maybe because the story offered several matters at the same time: the magical fires, the missing Riders, heck, even Bella had to deal with a runaway orphan teenager too!! The explanation of those might be connected … but for me, it was slightly distracting. I also didn’t enjoy the multiple POVs aside from Bella and Sam. I guess I wanted this to be Bella and Sam’s book, and I didn’t want them to share it with other characters.

On top of that, the climax of this book where the Baba sisters came to the rescue and facing the villain was very anti-climatic!! After the build-up, and all the problems the villain created, it was over in one sentence. ONE SENTENCE . Urgh, I didn’t like that one bit. I was expecting an epic battle, with both sides showing off their power.

But the book did conclude things that weren’t solved before – we had a villain returned to wreak havoc, we finally found out what happened to the Riders (by the way, they are getting their OWN books!!), and in between, we had Bella and her love interest Sam, plus a Chudo-Yudo that this time took a form of humongous Norwegian cat. Overall, it was still a good read and I can’t wait to read about the Riders.


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