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The Promise (Robert Crais)

The Promise - Robert Crais

3.5 stars

Hmm ... in the beginning I was really, truly excited with the idea of Cole/Pike teaming up with Scott/Maggie (from Suspect, which I loved tremendously). Unfortunately, I couldn't really say that I loved the end result.

The thing is, it seems that Crais now likes to have multiple perspectives when it comes to Cole's books (I saw this with Taken as well). So not only we had Cole's (using 1st person), we also had chapters from Scott James, Maggie (yes, the dog has her own chapters), Jon Stone (Pike's friend, whose role seemed to get bigger and bigger), Mr. Rollins (one of the key players), even Dominick Leland (Scott's K9 Sergeant).

It felt ... well, crowded.

I wasn't sure if this was a Cole's book anymore and I miss spending more time with his thoughts. I miss the simpler day when Cole's books mean mainly Cole's perspective, with Pike giving Cole help when needed. A solid friend through and through.

Not that it wasn't engaging -- I was still pulled into the story. I liked the twist and Cole finding out what Amy Breslyn (the missing person that Cole's client hired him to look for) was up to. I liked reading how Scott ended up helping Cole, and Maggie the dog was as awesome as ever. But again, I wish it was less crowded.