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Deadeye (William C. Dietz)

Deadeye - William C. Dietz

Not going to say much about this; my thoughts are similar to the other non-positive (but informative) reviews. So read theirs instead: here, here, here, or here. Not even going to try writing a summary for myself to remember the plot *shrugs*.

Basically, the writing left me cold and distant to the main heroine. The story felt like tons of facts and information; not one that elicited any real sympathetic emotion from me as a reader. Even when one of the characters who appeared early in the book, whom I thought I would like, died in the first 10% of the book.

Also, I really didn't understand why the "romantic element" was added (I even felt uncertain to call it romantic); it was unnecessary, it was awkward as hell, and when I actually got to the short lovemaking scene (seriously, it was written like that ... "Their lovemaking was slow at first, deliciously so, but as both became more confident, the tempo started to increase...") I cringed in discomfort because it just felt really off.

The ending is a hook for readers who want to continue with the series. Sadly, I'm not one of them.