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Tasting Notes (Cate Ashwood)

Tasting Notes - Cate Ashwood


It has been 24 hours since I finished this book and this review will still be mostly ranting. I haven't changed my mind about Rush. For me, Rush is a condescending judgmental prick. How much do I dislike Rush? Let me count the ways ...

First of all, his attitude towards West. In the beginning, when Rush hated West at first sight (because of West's car?!) I was only a bit baffled. I just didn't get why Rush would hate West so much, when he didn't even interact with the guy. Then as the story went along, my confusion became irritation. Clearly Rush was being rude. West didn't do anything to Rush, not at the slightest.

Then Rush was quickly presumed that West was having sex with Rosie -- what the hell? At that moment, my irritation became full anger. Especially with what happened next. ANGRY SEX between strangers ... OMG! *fuming* Angry sex could be sexy for me when it is between established couple, or maybe at least between estranged lovers who still have feeling towards one another. NOT between strangers. And not after Rush's accusation. I mean, if I was West, I would not only hit Rush on the jaw, I would kick him in his balls. Probably making him unable to screw anyone.

Even in the end, Rush assumed that West should be the one coming to him? Stupid arrogant jerk! Sure, we found out about Rush's reason later on. But even to me, that excuse was VERY FLIMSY. It wasn't like that guy wrecked Rush's life directly!! It still doesn't make up for his attitude *hmph*

But what becomes nails in Rush's coffin for me would be his attitude towards Sebastian. Here was a guy whom Rush claimed as his friend ... one of his FEW friends. But even I, as a reader, could feel that there was something going on with Sebastian. And Rush's reaction? "Oh, right, something was wrong with him. I will call him. Later. I'm busy now". WTF!! He was too busy?!? Busy what? Busy hating West? NOT an excuse, Rush! NOT. AN. EXCUSE.

Not that West is any better; although his part is more on the 'unconvincing state of wealth and the way he does his job' factor rather than his own characteristic. JenMcJ explains it better on her review when it comes to West. So I am just going to point to hers to do the explaining on my behalf.

Usually, when I RANT, the book will get lower than my 2* (I don't really rate book under 2* on principle, except for extreme cases). But I didn't exactly DNF this; Cate Ashwood's writing is okay. I liked Rush's parents -- they sound reasonable compared to their prick of a son. Plus I loved West's slight anguish in the beginning when he started thinking about his grandfather, which prompted his road trip. It spoke volumes for me. So yeah, I could still give this my 2* for those factors.