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Alejandro's Sorceress (Alyssa Day)

Alejandro's Sorceress: A Cardinal Witches Novella (The Cardinal Witches Book 1) - Alyssa Day

I bought this even before I finished Dead Eye because I was curious about Alejandro Vasquez. His job as an agent for FBI Paranormal Operations Division intrigued me; plus he mentioned about his partner being turned into stone statue by pet basislisks and I was, like "WHAT?!? There's a basilisk in his story?!? This I need to read!"

Unfortunately, his story failed to entertain me like Dead Eye did. I guess maybe because the tone of the story -- which felt like those light / humorous / wacky / crazy family trope (with the grandma!), similar to the early Stephanie Plum or Jennifer Crusie's books -- no longer become an interest of mine for the last few years. I've moved on from those. So this one ended up mostly on my bad side; I was annoyed with the wackiness and the insta-love was driving me bonkers! Guess I would just stick to Day's Tiger's Eye Mystery then, and not her Cardinal Witches series.