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Dead Eye (Alyssa Day)

Dead Eye (A Tiger's Eye Mystery) (Volume 1) - Alyssa Day
A TIGER, AN alligator, and a redneck walked into my pawnshop.

A catchy opener, don't you think? *smile*

This is only the second Alyssa Day book that I have read (the first one being The Cursed); I know that she has written that "Warrior of Poseidon" series, but I also thought it would be hard to catch up with so many books. So I prefer to wait for a different series. I enjoyed The Cursed and I wanted to give this one a try as well, due to the cover that suggested a lighter paranormal / mystery story.

Well, I loved this too!! First of all, while Dead Eye is a sort of spin-off of the "Warrior of Poseidon" (apparently Jack Shepherd were a soldier during those Atlantean wars) but it could be read as a stand-alone. Sure there was references here and there, but I didn't feel lost at all. Or maybe because this story was not written with Jack as the narrator. Instead, we have Tess Callahan, who inherited a pawnshop at Dead End, Black Cypress County, Florida, from Jack's uncle and now a part-owner alongside Jack.

The story started with someone's body being dumped at the back door of the pawnshop; and apparently it was the second body, the first one being Jack's own uncle, Jeremiah. Jack, who had been away for the past ten years, was determined to get the answer for his uncle's murder. And so the story went...

I thought the story was HIGHLY enjoyable. Yes, it was on the lighter side of urban fantasy ... in fact I would prefer to think of it as a mix of urban fantasy and cozy mystery (it sure had its characteristic of the genre, with the cast of characters of Dead End). I loved reading how Tess was frustrated with how Jack disrupted her life -- and of course her family and best friend didn't help. The attraction felt natural, and even if there wasn't heavy romance (there were one-two kisses, but that was it), I was still certain that things would move along romantically for Tess and Jack. The book had sizzles and humor and it was fun reading it.

The paranormal factor was nice; it didn't take a complicated world-built. It was the usual paranormal beings, like Jack being a tiger-shifter. Tess had a gift of her own, she could see someone's death if she touch them. Although not for all people, apparently. We also had witches, and there was an FBI Agent of Paranormal Operations Division made an appearance.

In terms of the mystery... well, it wasn't complicated. I could figure out the villain even long before Jack and Tess made their conclusion, because all the signs lead there (plus it was easy if you guess who the players were). But it didn't bother me about the 'simplicity' because this was more of cozy mystery rather than actual mystery/thriller. I did feel annoyed when Alyssa Day didn't exactly offered the motivation of the villain, though.

All in all, a great start of a series for me. And another awesome news? Book #2 will be released in February and book #3 in May! This year! Meaning that I don't have to wait for too long :)