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The Sacrifice and Other Stories (Kim Fielding)

The Sacrifice and Other Stories - Kim Fielding

Average: 3.5 stars rounding it up for good 'cause :)

Most of the stories in this Anthology have been previously released and can be downloaded for free (three of them are written for the Goodreads M/M Romance Don't Read in the Closet Event. However, considering that ALL royalties from this anthology will go to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières, I thought it was worth of paying the $4.99. Besides, the stories are good. If you love Kim Fielding, you should buy this and know that you get all of the stories in one package while also helping some lives.

For the free titles that I have read, my reviews are available separately.

The Sacrifice: 3 stars
Rylo is a temple slave whose job is to give pleasures on the last night of the people who are going to be sacrificed to gods. I was a little blurry about that part ... why did they have to be sacrificed in the first place?? Oh, and I also thought the ending to be too abrupt for me to enjoy this more.

Treasure: 4 stars
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Three Wishes: 4 stars
Originally written for the Gay Romance Northwest’s annual meet-up; this short story grabbed my heart and gave all the feels. Xolani is a foot soldier who stumbles into a genie, after he picks up a bottle during his walking round. Tendaji, the genie, gives Xolani three wishes that he can grant, although he also warns Xolani that there's a price to pay for every wishes. I don't want to spoil what Xolani wishes from Tendaji -- although if you know the story by heart, you will know what Xolani's final wish is -- because the story is worth savoring. It was lovely, it was tender, and it was hopeful. It is a proof that a short story can pack a punch when it's done right; and boy, this is done right.

Guarded: 3 stars
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Mato's Tale: 3.5 stars
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The Downs: 4 stars
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Chasing Away Cold: 3 stars
The background story about Cold who is very lonely and desires for a mate makes me want to read a story about COLD instead (darn, he deserves his HEA!!). The background story was lovely, and I was quite surprised that the story didn't exactly go where I thought it would (with Cold as one of the main characters). It was a nice story but I wasn't too mesmerized with the falling in love process, even if I liked Daku as a character (he was indeed courageous). Plus, like I said, I want a story about COLD *sniff*