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Heart of Stone (Christine Warren)

Heart of Stone - Christine Warren

2.5 stars

It's an okay start of a new series ... but I am docking stars because the way that the author dealt with the attempted rape in the beginning annoyed me so much. NOTHING is done to the attempted rapist. Of course he ended up being one of the bad guys (duh!). In fact, the villains were all too predictable.

Kees was a little bit too self-reliant for someone who has slept for long time. I did like the fact that Elena ended up being able to kick some ass and I loved a girl who did dilligent research; but her feistiness just didn't progress naturally for me (compared to her characterization in the beginning). The whole Guardian and Warden versus Demons plot was quite interesting.

I read this quite fast because I didn't feel as connected with both characters. Having said that, I'm still curious with the next book.