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Convincing Leopold (Ava March)

Convincing Leopold - Ava March
Review for the 2nd Edition

Three months into their relationship -- after the ending in Convincing Arthur -- and we found Arthur and Leopold trying to find balance and working their relationship. Unfortunately, this was also the case of two men who couldn't actually speak what they actually thought or felt and ended up causing problems.

For Arthur Barrington, who still bears the scars after his break-up of a decade relationship, he wonders if Leopold is eager to return to his freedom, that he will find Arthur a bore, especially because sometimes Arthur just wants a good night sleep with his lover, rather than another adventurous sex romps. While Leopold, who has been spending the last decade being a notorious rake with various lovers, thinks that Arthur will not find him good enough, and he can only think of one way to reassure Arthur of his affection, by pleasing Arthur in any way he can (which mostly means sex).

Argh, you two!!!! *clonked both men's heads together*

Since this is a novella, they finally settled things out rather quickly -- which was fortunate, because if this was a novel length, I would be very frustrated indeed. I did find myself a bit miffed with Arthur because I wasn't sure if he could actually appreciate Leopold. Leopold told him that he has been loving Arthur for the past decade and still Arthur acted a bit too uptight towards Leopold.

Having said that, Ava March's writing was good and the steamy level was probably enticing for a lot of M/M readers. While for me, this might not be a strong sequel (the ending lacked the punch of the first book) but it was still a nice MM regency to read.

I definitely look forward to the upcoming release in this series that features Fenton, Arthur's rake of a secretary.

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And this marks my LAST read of 2015!!