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Vision in Silver (Anne Bishop)

Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop

Finally finished Vision of Silver on the last date of 2015, which means that I only need to wait until March 2016 to read the fourth book of this AMAZING series. Sometimes it's fortunate to come to a series a little late *LOL*

Having read Murder of Crows right before I started this one, I realized that I would see a similar pattern of the story telling. That Bishop would extend the story to branch out not just from the "original" casts of Lakeside Courtyard, but for other characters as well. In here, we had a significant side story about Monty and his daughter, Lizzy, as well as what happened to his ex-lover, Elayne. We also had point of views from another cassandra sangue, whom later named herself as Hope, which intrigued me quite a lot because she had visions in a different way that Meg. I still wish there are more about Simon and Meg perspectives though, because they're still supposedly the Alpha couple, so to speak, the one who paved their way for changes in the life of humans and terra indigene who interacted at Lakeside.

I am curious with what other threats the The Humans First and Last movement is preparing for the terra indigene; because we all know that humans can be very stupid despite the warning that Mother Nature has given them (hello, global warming?). I am also curious with the Elders whom apparently scarier than the terra indigene in the Courtyard (will they ever make an appearance in the next book?)

This is a BREATHTAKING series ... so wonderful and amazing. I was happy giving up hours of my life, in the last week of 2015, to consume all three books. Now, March 2016 cannot come fast enough...