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Christmas in Cold Creek (RaeAnne Thayne)

Christmas in Cold Creek - RaeAnne Thayne

2.5 stars

I usually enjoy RaeAnne Thayne's Christmas stories (well, based on those I have read, of course) so I actually had hopes for this one as well. Unfortunately, I thought that the secret that Becca kept from Trace grated on my nerves!! I mean, it would be better if Becca told Trace about everything. It wasn't like she did anything wrong. Trace could actually help her before her mother came to wreck everything. I thought it was a stupid move that she made, and it annoyed me.

I wasn't particularly fond of the little girl this time around too. Seriously, that girl was a BRAT! The thing that she did behind Becca's back ... and the way that she manipulated her friends?? Yeah, no cookies for you, missy!!

The savior of this book was Trace ... because I loved this chief of police :). I am pretty intrigued with his womanizer twin as well.