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Third Solstice (Harper Fox)

Third Solstice: (A Tyack & Frayne Mystery) (The Tyack & Frayne Mysteries Book 6) - Harper Fox

3.5 stars

Going home for Christmas, Lee?
No. Just going home.

Urgh, this book totally sailed without my knowing about it!! If I didn't see a tweet from one of the blog reviews I follow, I wouldn't know about it at all. I couldn't miss Gideon and Lee (and baby Tamsyn) story, could I?! Okay, I liked the thought that Tamsyn developed a power of her own; she does have "magical" blood running in hers, right? Even if neither Lee nor Gideon are her biological parents but Lee is family, so it's absolutely not surprising. Of course both men would have a 'fun' time dealing with it as she grows up *grin*

The whole Montol festivities were a blurry event for me though; if you ask me I wouldn't know how to explain. Sometimes I feel like so with Fox's stories, fuzzy and foggy recollection of what happens *lol*. But the ending was good, even if it was placed in the hospital. And I had to smile to read what happened to Zeke (imagine, a priest having a child out of wedlock, ha!). It's another good entry in this series :)