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Written in Red (Anne Bishop)

Written in Red - Anne Bishop

4.5 stars.

There has been so many reviews for this one so I'm not going to say much about it. All I could say that I came to this series late. I started reading this book, Written in Red on December 26th, intended to make it last until end of year. But I ended up devouring book 1 - 3 within 6 days because I couldn't stop reading.

The idea of the story, the community of Others was nothing short of AMAZING. It was exhilarating to read how the viscious terra indigene, who always see humans as meat, act and react towards Meg, the cassandra sangue. Sure, Meg is a little too meek and sometimes she shows Mary Stu characteristics, where EVERYONE adores her, and I usually like my heroine more kick-ass ... but I also think Meg's behavior and attitude is the key that makes her able to reach out to the Others, and make these earth natives to accept them as part of their society, as well as someone to protect and cherish. Our Meg.

I loved everybody in here -- most especially Simon Wolfgard -- including the human characters. The only reason I couldn't gave it 5-stars was because the beginning felt rather slow, and it took a little time before it was able to fully captured my attention.