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Convincing Arthur (Ava March)

Convincing Arthur - Ava March
Review for the 2nd Edition

3.5 stars

Ten years ago, Leopold Thornton missed his chance to tell his friend Arthur Barrington how he felt. Trying to forget Arthur, Leopold practically drowns his sorrow by building up his reputation as notorious rake, whose dalliances are not limited to the female gender. Now, after Arthur and his lover separated, Leopold plans to convince Arthur to finally give him a chance, and invites the solicitor to come to his house at Yorkshire...

I haven't read the original edition of this short novella, so I wouldn't know what changes that have been made. To be honest, I wasn't impressed with the first third quarter of the book. Since the book opened immediately to the present time, as Leopold waiting for Arthur to arrive at Ramsey House, I missed the relationship built up. So Leopold has been keeping a deep feeling for Arthur for the past ten years? But I didn't feel that, you see? I couldn't really understand how and why Leopold falling for Arthur. I didn't feel their friendship ten years ago.

Then I wasn't in empathy for his plan to convince Arthur is by pleasure of the flesh. I have never been a believer of that sex would be the answer to long lasting companionship and relationship. Maybe it is because of my asexuality. Maybe it is because of the Indonesian (Asian) culture that is not very sexual society (at least in public). But could you really stay with your partner only for the sex? I think I skimmed this book after the third sex scenes. If I am a judge and jury of this relationship, Leopold will not win his case.

... until the last two chapters, where Leopold finally stripped his heart bare to win Arthur's heart once and for all. Those two chapters were like punches to my gut, it was emotionally raw and painfully honest. I admit that I choked up a little bit at that moment *sniff*. It was the best part of this story for me, and rest assured I will be there for the follow-up.

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