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Play On (Avery Cockburn)

Play On: A Glasgow Lads Novella - Avery Cockburn

I am a snob. There I said it. I don't pay enough attention to self-published authors (especially who only publish on Amazon), especially with pen name of (I assume it is pen name?) Cockburn. I imagine the story will be bordering on erotic porn that I never really interest in. Well, until my kilt-loving-British-adoring friend, Didi, brought the whole series to my attention, and I was curious because she seemed to love it. I asked her, if I should jump into book #1 or start with the novella. She said the novella.

Oh, well ... hit me with a frying pan, because I admit I'm an idiot for dismissing this!!

Yep, I LOVED this little novella. Sure, the boys were having their teenager angst of miscommunication and pining. But they were so ADORABLE together!! I liked their differences: Duncan didn't exactly hide his sexuality (he was a member of a gay football team after all) but didn't really care about the 'activist' part of LGBT movement in his campus. While Brodie hated anything sporty (because he was bullied by the jocks back in his small town) and preferred to fight for LGBT rights in his own club. But they couldn't really stay away from one another, and I loved that.

They made mistakes, they weren't perfect, but man they made my heart sang happily. I loved you boys!! And yes, I would be reading the next books!

PS: The only downside for me would be the heavy accent; I'm really, really, REALLY bad with accents, especially those written phonetically. I grew up with American English (from TV and movie), which was why I prefer to read that language. I stay away from anything "too British" because it isn't fun to guess about what the words mean every time I stumble into them. I experienced the same thing here, in which I had to Google-d some of the Scottish terms or idioms or even a whole sentence because I had no idea what it meant!!