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Checking It Twice (Samantha Wayland)

Checking It Twice (Crashing Book 2) - Samantha Wayland

Honestly, I was prepared to stop reading once I saw where the plot was going. I don't consciously read threesome -- unless during my personal challenge moment -- so if I knew that this novella would involve that, I would most probably stay away. I don't like the idea of sharing, even if the action is based on mutual consent for all the parties involved.

BUT, I admit that the threesome scene between Alexei, Mike, and Alexei's ex, Erik, was pretty hot. I could somehow accept the idea because it was basically a gift from Alexei, and Mike clearly enjoyed it. Alexei and Mike has been together for few years now, and are pretty solid as an established couple. So maybe it was one of their ways to spice up their love life.

The ending was pretty sweet, although not very surprising.

On a different note, I realized that I have not yet read the story of Callum and Rupert in Home and Away ... they made notable appearance here, and they were pretty much the happy couple with their foster kids. So, maybe I should check that one out (even if the idea of 400 pages kind of threw me a bit; very not used to romance being longer than 300 pages, you know?)