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The Ugliest Sweater (Gillian St. Kevern)

The Ugliest Sweater - Gillian St. Kevern

I first read Gillian St. Kevern last year with her contribution in "Don't Read in the Closet" event: The Case of the Insufferable Slave; I kinda enjoyed it (it has noir sense to it, which I like). I haven't read any of the two stories she wrote for the same event this year, though. Then I saw this book on the publisher's site, and well, I admit, the CUTE ADORABLE cover drove me to it. Yeah, it was one of those "I buy the book because of the cover" purchases.

This short had a fluffy meet-cute situation -- although the beginning was a bit confusing because Dan was with someone else, and few paragraphs later he was dumped. I totally didn't see that coming and it kinda yanked me out of the story early on. Anyway, the ugly sweater was very significant item here because it made a huge impression on Jake though, a radio DJ who saw Dan at Starbucks, and approached him right there. I liked the idea that Jake also had a 'big secret' that made him pretty much as dorky as Dan.

So I like the characterizations ... but I'm not sure about the writing style though. It felt rather off and choppy; it definitely not as smooth as I thought it would be. When I read Kevern last year, I thought it was probably due to the plot, but here I wasn't sure. Maybe I need to familiarize myself with her writing more.

I must say one thing, however. The blowjob at Starbucks was a VERY EWW moment. Good job for ruining the place for me, book!!