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Small Magics (Ilona Andrews)

Small Magics - Ilona Andrews

A Questionable Client: 3.5 stars

Oh, I enjoyed this!! I know that Saiman has a questionable morale, but he is always a FUN character to read. It was great to read how he and Kate met for the first time; which involved Saiman swallowing an acorn that made him look like a 'pregnant' man (urgh, my brain!)

A Retribution Clause: 3.5 stars

The characters here are new (I think) and the only 'relationship' with the Kate Daniel's world is that Adam Talford, the eight-foot frost giant is Saiman's cousin. Adam and his partner Siroun are insurance adjusters. Their current case is of a woman, whose insurance policy has a retribution clause: in the event of her homicide, they are required to terminate the guilty party. Seriously, that is one SERIOUSLY SCARY insurance policy! No law, no judge, no jury. Simply kills her murderer. The action was great and there was a twist to the homicide as well. I would really love to read more about Adam and Siroun -- I feel that they have potential of being great lovers.

Of Swine and Roses: 3.5 stars

I wasn't immediately charmed by this -- probably because my first reaction was, "Damn, is this about teenager?!?" I guess I'm not a huge young-adult fan you know? But then I thought the story became amusing and pretty lovely. And the ending was sweet *smile happily*

Grace of Small Magics: 4 stars

Is this somehow the idea for Andrews' "Hidden Legacy" series? With the clans fighting like so? Whatever it is, I thought this one was PRETTY ROCKIN'!! Yes, it was short but the world-built and the characterizations were both excellent. Heck, even the relationship was progressed naturally and convincingly. LOVED it!

Magic Tests: 4 stars

I still couldn't warmth up to Julie, and at times I thought she was being bratty. But I couldn't help to admit that her magic was interesting, and she did show here that she could be pretty awesome by herself, finding the missing girl and making friends. So yeah, I had hopes.