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Beauty and the Beast (Tygati)

Beauty and the Beast - Tygati

This contains several stories (most of them are really short) but I will try to write opinion for each (or maybe at least for the longer ones)

Not-exactly-Beauty and the un-Beastly Beast: 4 stars

I thought that Herb (or Herbert Edmund Richard Bastian the Third) was ADORABLE. He was innocent and naive and at the same time very kind (I mean, he was thinking on how Witch Hilda would be so lonely in the woods by herself!). I had amazing time reading about him pretty much 'taming' the Beauty (or Enchanter Beldon ... he is NOT a girl, damn it, or lightning for you!) with his characteristics. I enjoyed the adventure of Beldon trying to undo the curse and to find out what happened to Herb. The sex scenes were off page and I totally didn't mind (huge smile)

Caging the Beast: 3.75 stars rounded up

This story is actually a prequel to the previous one -- set around 100 years previous. It's the story of King Aiden and the Master Enchanter Sabin. I thought it was sweet, and I loved reading about them together. However, the short length made some of the time passed a little too fast, and things happened off page. Especially because Aiden and Sabin pretty much connected throughout the journey to find Morgemeil, so I would love to read those moments instead of being glossed over.

(After the) Happily Every After
These are several short stories about Aiden/Sabin and Herb/Beldon; and some of these are referred in the the two longer stories

Things Not To Do On Horseback : 3.5 stars --> It was dangerous when you tried to do "it" on horseback (ha!)

The Strawberry Incident: 3 stars --> So that was what Aiden meant with strawberry incident!

Home Sweet Home: 3 stars --> In which Beldon acquired his enchanted castle

Impossibilities: 3 stars --> In which Sabin gave hints that he might be able to the impossible magic afterall, in order to keep royal bloodline

Terrible Twos: 3 stars --> Very cute, adorable short about two-year-old Adrian

Saying Goodbye : 3.5 stars --> Since I already knew what happened, this part made me all choked up. Despite its short length *sniff*

Trigger-happy: 3 stars --> Cute snippet of the fact that Beldon still liked zapping people in his new position as ArchMage ^^

Tangles: 3 stars --> The last line said it all "Getting it (the hair) brushed never failed to make Beldon horny. *laugh*

Punishment: 3 stars --> Punishment can be sexy!

It Followed Me Home: 3 stars --> Beldon added a new pet addition to the other pets for Herb

Mornings: 3 stars --> One sweet intimate morning between Beldon and Herb.