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Hanukkah On Retainer (Astrid Amara)

Hanukkah on Retainer - Astrid Amara

2.75 stars rounded up

Just like the previous book, I'm a bit ambivalent for this. On one hand, I liked Astrid Amara's writing -- and I admit Dan and Connor, nine months after their crash situation were pretty good together. I felt that they were in strong relationship. Plus I loved the dogs *laugh*.

BUT, this book still carried over the plot with the cult from Crash Plus Expenses; and I felt it was a bit too heavy for a holiday book. In addition, I never feel comfortable reading anything related to religious belief, even a manipulative cult like this one. I cringed anytime I read those thoughts from Connor's younger sister; despite the fact that I disagreed with her of course. It's just that in books, any conflicts or arguments that related to religion makes me uneasy.

I still rounded it up because I like Astrid Amara's stories; but this is not a favorite Hannukkah story from her.