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For Promise Yet Unbroken (Tygati)

For Promise Yet Unbroken (No Man's Land) (Volume 1) - Tygati

4.25 stars

Well -- I think I am adding Tygati to my future author-to-watch list. I really, REALLY, enjoyed this space cowboy adventure -- WITH DRAGONS! At first, I was a bit bummed because this novel was not a lengthier continuation of the first novella, In the Hours of Darkness, because I was expecting to read more about Charlie and his dragon, Zorevan. But Tygati erased that feeling immediately, only by the first few chapters.

I was immediately drawn into Jeremey Jasper's life as he finally comes of age and able to fulfill his own personal promise to protect the planet he lives in. He wants to be a great dragon rider, he wants to lives up to the second chance given by his childhood hero, Charlie, when Charlie saved his life all those years ago.

This was a great adventure story in a very well-written world, along with dragons, and other creatures. I have never been a space-cowboy reader before, but Tygati was able to keep my interest throughout the book, as Jeremey learned about friendship, betrayal, and then love. Although I will not say this as a 'romantic' or 'romance' book ... despite Jeremey's later relationship with his dragon, Promise. Again, this is probably more appropriately called a coming-of-age adventure book.

I hope Tygati will return to this planet. There are a couple of characters whom I am pretty intrigued about (Sheriff Jack, for example, needs to have his stick removes out of his ass *lol*). But even if she doesn't, I am definitely keeping my eyes on her future releases.