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Maelstrom (Jordan L. Hawk)

Maelstrom - Jordan L. Hawk

Seven books into this historical-paranormal series and I think the force is still strong on this one. I am trying to recap the plot for my sake, but I admit, with my bad memory, I will not remember this when book #8 comes anyway. So I won't.

Jordan L. Hawk included several things that happened in previous books -- which made this NOT suitable as stand-alone. But, it's a testament of her great writing, that I didn't even care if I didn't remember. I just went in for the ride and enjoyed every minute of it.

I liked the dual POV's from both Whyborne and Griffin, and how both felt different. I enjoyed Whyborne's still being pretty much clueless about people and rather inept in socializing (Why on earth must you talk to people when you can simply write a short message? -- see, Whyborne speaks my language!!). I loved reading Griffin's giddiness with his new car, and of course Whyborne's exasperation of it.

Then of course we had Christine and Iskander's wedding (finally!)

The action in the end was pretty thrilling and definitely made my heart beat a little faster.

The only thing I could complain about was that Whyborne frustrated me at times with his attitude towards his father. Although I totally understand his point of views but still I sort of wish he was less vindictive. Oh, and also that the bad guys felt a little too black and white. Like when they were "destined" to be the bad guys from the beginning, they would stick as bad guys. Kinda wish that it would be a little subtle than that.

Bottom line, I personally thought that Maelstrom was another winner.