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Cherish & Give (Megan Linden)

Cherish & Give (D.C. Files) - Megan Linden

Ever since I started this series set in D.C. with Serve & Protect, I have come to appreciate the positive nature of the setting, even when the characters were playing in politics. I also loved Sam and Blake so much -- because they felt, well, mature. I liked the way that they dealt with Sam's political career and the fact that they would spend a lot of time apart.

In this short Christmas story, we were treated with Sam and Blake finally making more adjustments in their life, with Sam appointed as future Chief of Staff. I liked that Blake was feeling a little less balanced with the idea -- he never really cared about politic before -- but then he learned that when he loved Sam, he had to embrace Sam's work life too. And I loved reading about Sam and Blake's daughter, Olivia.

Loved, loved this short story. I couldn't wait for more stories from this series!