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Magic Stars (Ilona Andrews)

Magic Stars  - Ilona Andrews

3.5 stars

I LOVED Derek Gaunt -- and I was ecstatic knowing that this young wolf who have suffered quite a blow which made him not the same wolf we read very early on in Kate Daniels series, was now having his own novella. I loved reading about his thoughts and his concerns, reading how he struggled when he let his wolf out ...

One that I wasn't sure about -- which was why I could only give this 3.5* for now -- was the whole thing with Julie. See, I have never been a Derek/Julie shipper. I just didn't feel them. Plus, I wasn't a fan of Julie either, at times I thought she was being difficult brat. So this whole premise of what possibly could be leading to a relationship between them, well, I would need time to warm up to the idea.

However, I did see that Julie started to mature up a little bit, in addition to embracing her power. I'm still a bit uncertain about where the story line of her learning to work on her magic with ROLAND!! would go. But as I always, I trust Ilona and Gordon Andrews, and I will wait and see what the future adventure they will bring to me.

Oh, as for the story, it was pretty good. Things moved fast and I enjoyed it quite much.