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Unwrapping Her Perfect Match (Kat Latham)

Unwrapping Her Perfect Match - Kat Latham

I grabbed this as a Kindle freebie and I haven't read the previous books in this series -- oh, and this is my first Kat Latham! I thought as a novella, this was pretty well going as stand-alone, because I had no problem going into it. It was cute at some parts, but I had a huge moment of disbelief of the hero having sex within a day of BRAIN CONCUSSION?? and the heroine is a NURSE?! Shouldn't she know better?!?

I appreciated some twists in the relationship plot that I didn't see coming, i.e. John's daughter, the French connection, and later the moving to France but I also thought John being a little unsympathetic and wasn't that selfish of him, expecting Gwen to just move in with him to FRANCE?! near the end, even if it didn't turn out as predictable as I thought it would.

All in all, it was a nice novella, but I am not sure that I'm curious enough to read the other novels. I just don't feel it as a series that I need to read.