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A Cold Creek Christmas Story (RaeAnne Thayne)

A Cold Creek Christmas Story - RaeAnne Thayne

Such weakness I have with Christmas stories that involved single dads *sigh* and the latest offering from Thayne's Harlequin SSE, A Cold Creek Christmas Story just hit me in all the right places. This is the second story of the Nichols sisters and book #14 on Thayne's Cold Creek Cowboy series; although rest assured, you will be fine if you haven't read the previous 13 books.

I admit, Celeste is written as a bit stereotypical -- a meek, shy, introverted librarian. Like all librarians are introverted and worked in the library because they prefer to be with books than with people. ALTHOUGH, I can definitely see the charm, being an introvert myself, books seems to always be a better option *LOL*.

How could I not love Celeste? She was amazingly kind and lovely; she was 'magical' in her gift of storytelling. I loved the way she made connection with Flynn's daughter, Olivia. I loved her overthinking self, I loved that she never wanted to be in spotlight and she struggled with it, but most of all, I loved her gentle heart.

Flynn, on the other hand, well okay I admit that it must've been scary to find out that his ex-wife had been killed and his daughter shot, and I could understand him being protective of Olivia. But he did hurt Celeste near the end with his words, and I expected him to grovel a little bit *hmph*. At least he was really good in his hands -- no, not that way, you perv, he was a carpenter! -- and I could see him being devoted to Celeste. So I forgive you, Flynn.

All in all, another good holiday story from RaeAnne Thayne :)