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Fall for You (Keira Marcos)

Fall for You - Keira Marcos

3.5 stars

My friend -- who was a pretty tough consumer *lol* recommended this and I really liked it. I thought this was quite a refreshing take on MM werewolves story. One thing for sure, it wasn't overwhelmed with the usual cliché of me-mine-mate plot. I also really liked both MC's, who were strong in personality, very competent in their professional life, and fit nicely with each other's life. I liked the dialogues too, light and entertaining.

However, at times the info dump felt like a detailed lecture about werewolves, their traditions, behavior, pack dynamic, even how to created a werewolf. Plus the romance a bit dry and too matter-of-fact, and did the story missed some pages in the beginning when Marcus first ogled Riley?

I did love the family though, and the busybodies of the small town. That made me smile. Would definitely return to this universe shall Marcos write more about the other members of the pack.