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Posted to Death (Dean James)

Posted To Death - Dean James

As a cozy mystery, this one is pretty neat ... and very British *lol*. I mean, the names like Prunella Blitherington, Neville and Letty Butler-Melville, Snupperton Mumsley ... can't get any more British-tone than that!!

The whole 'secrets' within the English small town reminds me of one of Agatha Christie's novels, Murder at the Vicarage, that I read LONG time ago when I was probably still in my late Elementary / early Junior High School. It is intriguing :). The writing feels a bit too formal and a little bit out-dated though (to me personally, anyway). Because of that when I see 'contemporary' terms like DNA, it takes me out of the story a little bit. It's a little bit weird to read.

I absolutely have no idea why Simon is written as a vampire. What's good of Simon being a vampire, if he doesn't really 'act' or 'have' common vampire traits due to the miracle pills that he consumes? The only vampirism that Simon retains is his aversion to garlic. Sure, being a vampire makes him having a super hearing ability, but I'm sure the author can create another device to help that. His being a vampire really doesn't add anything to the story.

Oh, for a small town, they sure have a number of gays ^^