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Instant Temptation (Jill Shalvis)

Instant Temptation - Jill Shalvis

Oh. My.

That was my reaction when I finished this. I think I could understand what my GR acquaintance, Jess meant when she said in her review that this book gave great foreplay. Because it basically was that ... a great, smoldering, sensual, FOREPLAY before we reached the main course.

What I truly loved about this one was how 'focused' it was on the relationship-built. Sure, the first half or so the story practically happened in short time span ... but because TJ and Harley went off to Desolation Wilderness (as she needed to check camera tracking equipments that were not transmitting), then it became sort of isolated scenes, only the two of them, in the woods... and it felt very, very, personal and intimate. I mean, we even had them sharing sleeping bag! I loved that! (and who knew Fritos can help build fire?!?)

We still had the Wilders as secondary characters, but it didn't have on-page scenes as many as the previous books. This book is just TJ and Harley, and how they work on their off-the-chart chemistry along with the usual fears and doubts of their relationship. Definitely my favorite of the series.