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Instant Gratification (Jill Shalvis)

Instant Gratification  - Jill Shalvis
Oh, gosh, I LOVED ♥ this -- definitely better than the first book. Shalvis' charm was all there for me to read and soak into.

I thought Stone and Emma were perfect -- and Stone definitely entered my (virtual) list of favorite Shalvis' men. Stone didn't suffer any of the 'guilt', 'woe-is-me', 'relationship-challenged' case. I loved his loyalty to his family, I loved that he was the middle-child who was the glue for all the Wilder family members, and he was just perfect. Emma was excellent too! She was good at what she did, and nothing wrong with being competitive once in awhile. I loved the banters between them, their first Meet Cute alone was DELIGHTFUL. I was feeling all the way happy when I was reading this.

One more thing ... Sometimes, in a case of small-town romances where the heroine came from the city, I can get annoyed with the "big city is bad, small town is good" message written by the author. Hey, I love big city! I am a big city girl through and through. I like being able to walk where nobody knows my name. I like being able to be myself and avoid all those nosy people (and really, I know nosy, Indonesian culture of the people is pretty much strive with nosiness).

In here, I didn't think Shalvis tried to say that. Emma just needed to be in Wishful, realizing that her father was actually wonderful, then making friends with the Wishful people, especially Wilder's family, to know that she might fit with the small-town life better. In contrast, Shalvis added a 'slight' secondary romantic relationship, where Serena (one of Cam's exes from book #1) went to New York because she would strive better there in the bustling city, with Emma's good friend, Spencer.

So yep, I loved the second book -- now see if book #3 can top it :)