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Playing by the Greek's Rules (Sarah Morgan)

Playing by the Greek's Rules (Harlequin Presents) - Sarah Morgan

2.5 stars

I think I need to stick with Morgan's full length series instead of her series-romance ones. I thought the 'opposite' of Lily's shiny attitude vs Nik's surly one and the whole Lily wants family, family is important, versus Nik thinks marriage is cr*p were a bit too blatant for my taste. I like my things more subtle than that. Also Nik changes his stance to true love way too fast, I got whiplash.

There WERE some cute moments, I smiled sometimes reading the diatribe of words that came out of Lily's mouth. However, as a whole, I totally thought that this didn't match the joy I read from reading her full-length Puffin Islands books. This was a MEH read for me.