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Back Lash (Devon Monk)

Back Lash (Shame and Terric Book 1) - Devon Monk

I LOVED the Allie Beckstrom series as well as the spin-off featuring Shame and Terric, Soul Complements of Death and Life magic. I thought the story was finished with Stone Cold ... so I was pleasantly surprised when I read the news that Devon Monk releasing a new Shame and Terric novel independently.

BACK LASH is still written solely from Shame's perspective. We found out that he has shared his house living together with Terric and Terric's boyfriend, Dash. Shame and Terric are the only people who can still has and use magic after both of them (with the help of Cody) has put an end to access of magic. Shame is still feeding his Death magic by killing people from Victor's list while Terric does his by volunteering down at the cancer ward and hospitals. But then they found dead bodies with sign of murder by magic. And not only that, Terric's younger sister Jolie came to Portland for protection, after she hacks Russian mob's account and steal a LOT of their money to be given to charities.

I highly enjoyed this new adventure of Shame and Terric. It was really intriguing how people could still find a back door to channeling and use magic, which resulted on those murders. I liked the twist that Monk given, because there were actually two parties involved with the victims that were killed and how they were killed. I enjoyed the process of Shame and Terric trying to find out who they were.

I also liked the addition of Jolie. She is smart and gutsy. She is a Conley after all. It is darn time that Shame meets a girl that could deal with him and his 'darkness'. Plus she's Terric's sister ... it will be delicious to think about. It will annoy the hell out of Terric, but at the same time Shame can't purposely mess around her either, not that Jolie can't take care of herself, of course.

Anyway, shall this series continue, I would've really liked it if Jolie continues to be part of the gang. Someone needs to be there for Shame like Dash does with Terric. On the latter note, I was happy that Terric and Dash are pretty solid. They have their fight early on but in the end everything is good with them.

There's a sneak peak of Monk's next book as a bonus. Devon Monk is one of my favorite urban fantasy authors and considering that she BLOWS me away with her House Immortal series, I cannot wait for this new series to hit the shelf as well.