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How to Walk Like a Man (Eli Easton)

How to Walk Like a Man - Eli Easton

3.75 stars rounded up

Roman is, one word, ADORABLE *hugs*

Since he has only been walking on two legs for the past two years, Roman still retains those dog's characteristics which made him pretty unique, refreshing, and such a darling. From how he finds blanket to be amazing, or taste of burger ("Cheeseburgers were amazing! There was yummy beef, and cheese, and bread too! All at the same time! Humans definitely had the best ideas ever!" -- why thank you, Roman), to how he stumbles and tries to work his understanding on human sexuality and what it entails (OMG, those AWKWARD phone calls with Lance are the most hilarious thing EVER!! I guffawed a lot during those -- also the first time he has hard-on!!) ... those made me feel so entertained.

On top of that, Easton also manages to sneak behind my back and to break my heart whenever she writes the flashbacks about Roman's times as K-9 dog with his handler, James, who later died in Afghanistan. It's an appealing combination to read.

Unfortunately, I found Matt lacking the charm that is Roman's. I guess I wasn't too impressed with him being in the closet -- then suddenly willing to change his stance after meeting Roman. He pales by comparison. Also the chapters from the villain's perspectives -- though not too many -- were distracting. I didn't need to read about their point of views in romance like this.

I definitely liked this better than the previous book. Now I wonder what the next book will bring. I totally on board with this unique quickened citizens of Mad Creek *smile*