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Simon and the Christmas Spirit (Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon)

Simon and the Christmas Spirit - Summer Devon, Bonnie Dee

3.5 stars

I was pretty blindsided with the release of this short story. I didn't know that one of my favorite writing duos Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon would've released a holiday story. I only found out about it when I visited ARe website and saw that it was part of the 'recently added' titles.

I thought this was really lovely. I thought it was a 'twist' of Dickens' beloved A Christmas Carol. After being reminded by the 'ghost' from his past, a man who used him for his money then left him, Simon Harris felt lonely and melancholy enough, he found himself visiting his club to temporarily forget. Then the form of Christopher Andrews, performer and optimist, changes Simon's life for the better future. Christopher was a darling and simply the man that Simon needed.

The ending was simply buoyed with Christmas spirit, complete with rag-tag family members and strays that reminded me of Bob Cratchit's big family, a Santa Claus costume, and lots of lots presents. 'Tis the season to be jolly and ho ho ho may your Christmas be merry :)

PS: Summer Devon hinted that she and Bonnie Dee were talking about Will's story which made me pretty hopeful. Will is Christopher's brother, and believe me you WANT his story as well.