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The Christmas Ranch (RaeAnne Thayne)

The Christmas Ranch - RaeAnne Thayne

I have come to appreciate RaeAnne Thayne's sweet romance ... it feels refreshing to read stories not over-abundant with sex scenes so I can focus on the relationship built between the hero and the heroine. I bought this one for only 1.99 since it was part of 10 Years Harlequin series eBooks celebration (10,000 titles for $1,99) and I was satisfied. It is a lovely holiday read, complete with hunky former Navy SEAL who is in charge for a seven-year-old boy and well, few reindeers!

I admit that the Nichols sisters past that tangled Rafe and Hope somewhat -- their whole family kidnapped by leftist rebel in Colombia for large ransom and Rafe was part of the rescue team -- felt a little too dramatic for a holiday theme. It needs a little suspension of disbelief in my part. Also, Hope is a little too good to be true; she speaks many languages, she can draw cute illustration, and she can pull the impossible task of opening the ranch in matter of days (although Rafe does help a lot there).

BUT, this is also a Christmas story at heart... it's about believing in your dream and pulling a miracle, and I had to leave my skeptical self at the door. I loved Rafe and Hope together; they are pretty cute (I loved that Hope called Rafe 'sailor'). Their romance has a little playfulness but can be pretty intimate. And there are the kids, most especially Rafe's young nephew, that just stole my heart away.

I look forward to Celeste's story that should be available within a month time.